This project started out as a time travel-themed experience called "The Institute of When," but evolved to be an intergalactic travel-based experience called "Cosmic Escape." This was for my Immersive Experience Studio course taught by Pete Carsillo. 
The assignment was to create a fun, themed experience, that should last between 45 minutes and 3 hours. There is no budget constraint, but the entire project must fit within 20,000 sqft.
I created an intergalactic travel company called Infinite Exploration Technologies, which offered to take you and your friends to another planet! Through a series of unfortunate events you get lost, get captured and charged with space piracy, and ultimately must escape back to Earth before it is too late!
There was a LOT of opportunity to create art for this project so I have posted just some of that here. My goal was to create an escape room experience that felt bigger than the standard closet-sized rooms that people are used to.
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